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Trench box - Double Slide Rail (Foundation Products)

The Double Slide Rail Shoring consists of individual shoring components that are combined inside the trench to form a shoring wall.

Our double slide rails with rolling strut remain parallel during the excavating and lowering procedure. In fact, the shoring plates can be easily sunken and extracted even in deep excavations. The trench width stays unchanged at any time during the setting up phase. In consequence, the forces required for the Trench box - double slire rail shoringinstallation and removal are reduced.

The single rolling strut offers an optimum working room during all operation phases. It can be placed at any time at the ideal position for the excavator to work in the trench without restrictions. Due to the strength of the system, the strut can be placed at 3.8 m height from the bottom.  This double slide rail makes the system much easier to use than any other double slide rails on the market.

The rolling strut is available for single and double slide rail for a maximum excavation depth to 7.6 m (double slide rail shoring XL) 

PLPlate length
SRHSlire dail height
WWWorking width
RTSlire Rail thickness
SLSystem length
PHPlate Height
PTPlate thickness
PCLPipe clearance length



Slide Rail height SRH (m)weight (kg)Slide rail thickness SRT (mm)Allowed bending moment (kNm)
Slide Rail 4.5960375 672 
Corner rail 4.5810430 328 


Rolling strut
RSHRolling Strut height
RSWRolling Strut width
DPLDistance piece length
FHFlange height
FWFlange width


Rolling Strut - Standard
Height RSH (m)2.04
Width RSW (m)0.5
Flange width FW (mm)405
Flange height FH (mm)720
Weight / RS-pair (kg)980
Min. Working width WW (m)1.24


Distance piece - Standard
Length DPL (m)
Weight (kg)163201239277427597


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