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Hot rolled - U (Foundation Products)

Sheet Piles are a high strength interlocking sheeting system and are available in a variety of profiles and lengths.

Hot rolled sheet pile are used in construction in both temporary and permanent works. They are easy to install, low cost and reduce construction time.

Hot rolled sheet piles are available in steel gradesS270GP, S355GP, S390GP and S430GP (according to European standards EN 10248), + Jis 5571 SY 295 and SY 390

All steel sheet piles can be supplied with handling holes (dia 50 mm, 200 mm from top), as double sheet piles and with corrosion protection. Special piles, corner sections and a wide range of tie bars and anchors are available on request.



TypeWidthHeightBackUnit massSection ModulusMoment of Inertia
SPII w60013010.361.8103100013000
SP III w60018013.481.6136180032400
SPIV w60021018.0106.0177270056700
SP II40010010.548.01208748740
SP III40012513.060.0150134016800
SP IIIa40015013.158.4146152022800
SP IV40017015.576.1190227038600


TypeWidthHeightBackWebMassSection ModulusMoment of Inertia


TypeWidthHeightBack Web MassSection ModulusMoment of Inertia
L 7037004009.58.067.596.4121024200
L 703 K70040010.09.072.1103.0130025950
L 703 10/1070040010.010.075.6108.0134026800
L 71670044010.29.579.9114.2160035200
L 72075045012.010.096.4128.2200045000
L 600 K60015010.010.059.499.05404050
L 6016003107.56.446.878.074511520
L 6036003109.78.264.8108.0120018600
L 603 K60031010.09.068.1113.5124019220
L 603 10/1060031010.010.069.6116.0126019530
L 604 n60038010.09.073.8123.0160030400
L 60560042012.59.083.5139.2202042420
L 606 n60043514.49.294.2157.0250054375
L 62860045616.39.899.3165.5277563270
L 607 n60045219.010.6114190.0320072320


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