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Hot rolled - Z (Foundation Products)

Sheet Piles are a high strength interlocking sheeting system and are available in a variety of profiles and lengths.

Hot rolled sheet pile are used in construction in both temporary and permanent works. They are easy to install, low cost and reduce construction time.

The essential characteristics of the Z sheet pile are the continuous form of the web and the specific location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis. These aspects create a positive influence on the section modulus.

Z sheet piles offer also a good corrosion protection and it is easy to install anchor systems and hinged connections, even underwater.


TypeWidthHeightBackUnit massMoment of InertiaSection Modulus
AZ 12-7707703448.58.572.694214301245
AZ 13-7707703449.09.076.199223601300
AZ 14-7707703459.59.579.5103233001355

AZ 14-770-0/10

AZ 17-7007004208.58.573.1104362301730
AZ 18-7007004209.09.076.5109378001800
AZ 19-7007004219.59.580.0114393801870
AZ 20-70070042110.010.083.5119409601945
AZ 24-70070045911.211.295.7137558202430
AZ 26-70070046012.212.2102.9147597202600
AZ 28-70070046113.213.2110.0157636202760
AZ 36-700N70049915.011.2118.6169896103590
AZ 38-700N70050016.012.2126.4181948403795
AZ 40-700N70050117.013.2134.21921000803995
AZ 42-700N70049918.014.0142.12031049304205
AZ 44-700N70050019.015.0149.92141101504405
AZ 46-700N70050120.016.0157.72251153704605
AZ 4858048219.015.0139.62411156704800
AZ 5058048320.016.0146.72531210605015


Type WidthHeightBackUnit massMoment of InertiaSection Modulus
HZ 17077004208.78.573.2104.6364351735
HZ 18077004209.2976.5109.3378001800
HZ 19077004209.79.579.7113.9391651865
HZ 200770042010.310.183.6119.4408451945
HZ 2407700440111195.7136.7530002450
HZ 250770044011.511.599141.4555502525
HZ 26077004401212102.3146.2572002600
HZ 270770044012.712.7107.1153595202705
HZ 280770044013.113.1109.7156.7608302765
HZ 360770050016.810.8117.4167.7898753595
HZ 370770050017.411.4121.6173.7924003696
HZ 38077005001812125.9179.8950003800
HZ 390770050018.712.7130.8186.8980003925
HZ 400770050019.013.0133.0190.0992503970


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