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UNISTEEL has the ability to distribute wire rod in different diameters, grades and qualities from a variety of origins. They are available in carbon steel (high, medium and low carbon) and in alloy steels.

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Wire rods are suitable for a wide range of application.  

  • Low Carbon steel wire rod: For example, nails, small shaped products, barbed wires, various wire nettings, welded reinforcing netting, wire conductors in transport and telegraphy, holding and binding wires and others.

  • Wire ropes and strands: Manufactured from medium and high carbon steels for all of kinds of ropes car cranes, lifts, mine cages, suspension ropes.

  • Steel tyre cords: The wire rod is used to reinforce automobile tires, conveyer belts and pressure hoses. It is manufactured from high carbon steels.  

  • Welding accessories: Manufactured from common electrode grades and from alloy grades for all fields of industry.  

  • Connecting and machine components : The wire rods can be used in various industrial sectors, this includes bolts nuts, trunnions, etc.

  • Chains: Manufactured from common steel grades (Ex: loadings chain, cars chains, etc.) and  from alloy steels ( Ex: chain for heavy and mining industry).

  • Springs: Used for the production of suspensions springs for cars, machine tools

  • Production of bearings: The wire rod is designed for the production of components to various kinds or rolling bearings.

  • Free cutting steels 


  • Low Carbon Grades: SAE 1006 / 1008 / 1010 / 1012 / 1015 / 1018 / 1020, CAQ

  • Medium Carbon Grades: SAE1030 / 1035 / 1038 / 1040 / 1541 / EN8D

  • High Carbon : HC36/40, HC41/45, HC51/55, HC56/60, HC61/65, HC66/70, Tb68, HC71/75, HC76/80, HC81/85, PSC116, SWR52A, SWR62A, SWR82A

  • Cold Heading Quality: SAE1010/1015/1018/1020, SAE10B21, SAE15B25, SAE15B41, 19MnB4

  • Electrode Quality Grades: EQ (IS2879), JSPL Weld (MIG), EM12K

  • Free Cutting Grades: SAE 12L14, EN 1A, EN 8M ,EN 15AM

  • Ball Bearing Grades: EN31, SAE52100

  • Alloy Grades: 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5, S CM 415H, SCM 420H, SAE8620, SAE4135, SAE4140

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